Milos Greece - Home of Venus / Aphrodite (Travel Blog 2021)

In case you are new here, we are Will and Katy. We are a travel couple that is traveling around the world. We hope to show you what it is like to travel in 2021!

In this 2021 travel blog we are on the Cycladic Island of Milos in Greece! It is said to be one of the most exotic and laid back of the Greek islands! We will visit Sarakiniko Beach, Syrma Fishermen Village, the finding place of the Venus or Aphrodite de Milo, and a Theater that has a breathtaking view.

3 months earlier we flew into Tirana from Florida in the United States with a layover at Frankfurt Airport in Germany. We spent the time since traveling around the Balkans: Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Macedonia.

Venus de Milo

The Venus de Milo is an ancient Greek statue that is now on display at the Louvre in France. Aphrodite, as she is known in Greece, is the goddess of love and beauty. The sculpture is famous for not having the goddess' arms. It was discovered on this island in the early 19th century.

This island exists because of a volcanic eruption. Volcanic activity began 2 to 3 million years ago. It last erupted 90,000 years ago but could technically erupt again. One of the volcanic rocks, obsidian, is a glass like rock used for stone tools. Over the years, Milos has been a major exporter of obsidian.

Fisherman Village

The Klima Fisherman Village is known for the syrmata, or fishermen houses that are carved into the rocks. The contrast of the whitewashed rocks and the colorful balconies, doors and stairs is very fun.

The doors of the buildings aren't built into the rocks. There is a shop on the coast also that sells souvenirs and other local items. The owner told us the shop was smaller than the ones that have been remodeled as AirBnbs.

Sarakiniko Beach

Walking on Sarakiniko Beach is like walking on the moon. It is on the northeastern part of the island and it has very unique characteristics. In Santorini we hung out at the black sand beach of Perissa and now we are on the white sand beach of Sarakiniko. These volcanic rocks have been carved over time by the wind and salt water creating a gorgeous landscape.

It was a bit overcast but still turned out to be an amazing time. The rocks are mostly white and the larger boulders look similar to marble. If you have a boat, or are daring enough for a swim, you can approach caves that sit under the land but still above the water.

While we were there we saw people in their boats and others flying their drones.


The capital of the Island of Milos is Plaka. It has similar architecture to the other Cycladic islands such as Santorini and Ios; white-washed houses and colorful windows and doors. It has narrow walkways which you could easily get lost in. It is elevated to overlook the Gulf of Milos.

The star of the show is the goddess of the Island: Aphrodite. Little models of her are on display and for sale in many of the stores. Plaka means flat stone and describes the land on which this town was built.

You can see more of our time in Milos Greece in our travel vlog "Milos Greece 2021 - Aphrodite & Colorful Fishermen Houses" on YouTube. Out now!

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