Ios Greece Cyclades (Travel Blog 2021)

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In this 2021 travel blog we are on the island of Ios Greece. We will visit Mylopotas Beach for some paddle boarding and kayaking, climb to the Panagia of the Cliff for a great view of the island, and explore the Odysseas Elytis Theatre.

3 months earlier we flew into Tirana from Florida in the United States with a layover at Frankfurt Airport in Germany. We spent the time since traveling around the Balkans: Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Macedonia.

Mylopotas Beach

The most visited beach on the island is Mylopotas Beach which is located right near the town of Chora. Like many of the beaches on Ios, this is a great place to enjoy the beautiful blue waters of the Aegean Sea.

It was a perfect day to be out on the water so we decided to rent a paddle board and a kayak. We could have also went scuba diving or rented a boat. For 25 euro total we rented the kayak and paddle board. They also included life vests and one of the employees helped us safely get into the sea.

The water is nice from the shore but even more incredible when looking at it from above. It was very peaceful to only hear the waves and the rocking of our floatation devices. It is more choppy than paddle boarding in inlets like back in Florida but it was still possible to stand on the paddle board.

After our hour out on the water, we took a bus back. The bus stop was just across from the beach; right next to where we rented the kayak and paddle board.

Chora Ios

The bus stop to get out to the Mylopotas beach as well as out to the main town on the Island was by the docks. Along the dock we saw private boats as well as tour boats. One even was decorated to look like a pirate ship.

Ios has a lot of what Santorini has; but it is way more laid back. It is a part of the same island group; the Cyclades. There are white washed churches with blue domes and excellent weather.

One of the classically painted churches is the Panagia Gremiotissa (Panagia of the Cliff). It's a bit of a hike up to the church so make sure to bring plenty of water with you. When we reached it, we looked up at the church and the blue paint almost exactly matched the color of the sky. It was hard to tell whether it was a part of the building or if there was a whole carved out and we were looking right up to the heavens.

Continue up a little bit more to see an incredible panoramic view of the island. You can see the town and the port from above. There are even benches if you want to have a seat and take in the view during the day or if you want to stay a while and watch the sunset.

Chora is the main town on Ios. Many things were closed back when we visited (May 2021). In normal times the bars and restaurants would be open. We went there in the middle of the afternoon on a week day but it was quiet like a ghost town.


Odysseas Elytis Theatre is another landmark that requires a bit of a hike. This one is through many farms. We passed goats and chickens on our way. Right before you arrive at the theater there is a school; which is too perfectly located not to be associated with drama or theatre.

The theatre was named after a famous Greek poet and features marble seats. We didn't realize until we sat in the bleachers of the Panathenaic stadium in Athens how cool marble seats remain even in the Greek heat. During normal times it would still be Ios' prime location for festivals and performances.

But even with an incredible performance on stage, it would hard not to get distracted by the view from the seats. It overlooks the gorgeous Mylopotas beach and the stunning waters and sky of Greece. Even if the show was boring or at intermission we would stay in our seats and be completely satisfied.

You can see more of our time in Ios Greece in our travel vlog "Ios Greece Cyclades Travel Vlog 2021" on YouTube. Out now!

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